Antigua Rawhide Shades | CUSTOM LAMP SHADE 01
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About This Project

A Custom Lamp Shade which was designed for a New York city interior design firm, supplying one of their clients who was opening a new restaurant in the big apple January of 2017. It measures 18” diameter by 14” height with a 1.5-inch skirt (sometimes referred to as gallery) around the shade’s bottom edge.

Included in this custom shade order was a translucent rawhide diffuser which fit inside at the bottom of the shade. When viewed from below, the light bulbs and inside view of the shade are hidden and direct light from the bulb is diffused, providing a warm glow and intimate lighting effect.

  • Our Custom Rawhide Shade are for mounting on Table Lamps, Floor Lamps or used as Hanging Lamp Shades with or without the use of a rawhide diffuser
  • Made from sun-dried rawhide parchment
  • Hand-stitched with the same sun-dried rawhide lacing
  • Our Custom Rawhide Shades can be designed and constructed in various sections or panels depending on overall size,
    • 2 half panels, 3 third panels, 4 quarter panels, and up to 12 or more panels
  • These custom rawhide shades provide a warm amber glow and intimate lighting ambiance