Antigua Rawhide Shades | Custom Lamp Shade 02
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Custom Lamp Shade 02

About This Project

Our Rawhide Diffuser is made to fit inside the bottom and/or top of the rawhide lamp shade to soften the glare from the light bulbs inside. Diffusers are typically used with hanging light fixtures or Pendant Lights. When viewed from below, the inside of the shade and light bulbs are hidden and direct light from the bulb is diffused, providing a warm glow and intimate lighting effect.

  • Our rawhide translucent diffusers are for mounting on top or bottom of the lamp shade or in the case of certain drum style lamp shades, pendant lights or hanging lamp shades, both the top and bottom.
  • A top diffuser directs light downward for accent or for improved reading light
  • A bottom diffuser hides the light bulb and inside view of the shade while diffusing the direct light from the bulb, providing a warm glow and intimate lighting effect
  • Made from the same rawhide parchment as our rawhide lamp shades
  • Hand-stitched with the same sun-dried rawhide lacing.
  • Can be ordered as 1 full rawhide panel, 2 half panels, 3 third panels, or 4 quarter panels with a 1/4” or 3/8” center hole.
  • Our rawhide translucent diffusers provide a warm amber glow while removing light bulb glare