Antigua Rawhide Shades | CUSTOM PENDANT SHADE 03
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About This Project

A Rawhide Pendant Shade in the form of a cylinder with an open top and closed off bottom, measuring 30 inches in height and 7.5 inches in diameter. These shades were designed and custom-made for a New York city interior design firm for installation in the bar/lounge area of a client’s restaurant.

  • Designed with the purpose of hanging from the ceiling, this custom shade was designed with a 6” diameter opening at the top and fitted with a flat, recessed iron support bar for attaching the mounting hardware and light bulb socket.
  • Custom-made from sun-dried rawhide and hand-stitched on around the bottom
  • These custom-made cylinder-shaped pendant shades can be designed and constructed in various dimensions with the desired number of panels
    • 1 panel, 2 half panels, 3 third panels, 4 quarter panels, and up
  • Handcrafted by our rawhide artisans, from sun-dried rawhide parchment
  • Hand-stitched with the same sun-dried rawhide lacing
  • This custom-made, cylinder-shaped pendant shade provides a warm amber glow and intimate lighting ambiance